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RDI technologies:

RDI's Arabic diacritizer "ArabDiac© records best performance in published literature.

"Hafss©" as a pioneering technology for the self-learning of spoken language applied on Arabic and the glorious Qur'an.

Arabic omni font-written OCR technology "CleverPage©" records best performance in    published literature.

RDI participations in mega-projects:

RDI as a technical partner in KACST's IVR project.

RDI acquires an ITIDA fund to build products based on its Arabic omni font-written OCR technology "CleverPage©".

With the rest of MEDAR consortium partners, RDI delivers the project.

e-Learning from RDI:

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RDI is implementing e-curricula for the Egyptian e-Learning University EELU as an accredited supplier of the exclusive contractor with EELU in this regard; GNSE group.

About RDI
To realize leadership and innovation in the CIT world, through an economically successful corporation, that provides outstanding pro ducts & services seeking  for society development.
RDI has been one of the regional and international leading key players in the R&D of Arabic Human Language Technologies (HLT) for the last 10 years.

Arabic NLP
Arabic LRs
RDI has acquired international recognition for its successful participations over the years in significant language technology projects.

Arabic OCR
Virtual Tutor
Arabic Text Mining
We have realized the supreme importance of deploying our technologies in mass applications vital to the public esp. e-Learning and edutainment.



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