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The Engineering Company for Digital Systems Development

RDI has been founded and started working since more than 17 years ago, when a recognized group of university professors specialized in CIT have launched it to existence in 1993 as a R&D software house specializing in written and spoken Arabic HLT (Human Language Technologies), e-Learning, and Arabic Multimedia Applications.

RDI is currently an Egyptian corporate company subject to the Egyptian law of Investment Promotions and Guarantees (law no. 8 of year 1997) with a renewable validity time interval of 25 years.

With a mission of serving the Arabic language and culture, RDI people have always been developing and deploying original various Technologies and Applications in main fields like written and spoken Arabic Language Engineering, Education, Culture Transfer, Entertainment, Edutainment via all electronic media from the Cassette and Video tape, to the CD and the DVD, up to hand-held devices including PDA’s and 3G mobile phones.

Combining both the technical distinction and the marketing expertise in the region, RDI has been capable to expand during only 10 years from a very small entity driven only by 3 persons to be a medium size corporate company employing highly qualified professionals: 10% have PhDs, 20% have M.Sc.'s, 20% Microsoft certified, and 10% Macromedia certified.

Moreover, this combination of technical distinction and marketing expertise enabled us to:

Discover many precious market opportunities locally, regionally, and internationally.

Provide creations that meet these opportunities.

While catching these opportunities in the right time is essential to widening the financial resources of RDI, additional resources are quite vital to keeping the persistent growth rate that RDI has achieved over the past years which will turn it into a large pioneering corporation (provisionally a Holding Company).

To this end, and after a first round of investment by Saudi investors in 2002/2003, RDI has successfully completed in 2005/2006 a second round of investment with the Technolog Development Fund (TDF) of the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) who invested about 1 million USD buying RDI corporate stocks.

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