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The Board

Brand name

RDI stands for “Research & Development International”.

Official name

The Engineering Company for Digital Systems Development.


Egyptian corporate software house.

Established since



Realizing leadership and innovation in the CIT world through an economically successful corporation, that provides outstanding products & services seeking for the development of the society.


  • Prof. Mohsen A. A. Rashwan (Chairman of the Board & Managing Director).

  • Prof. Muhammad M. Islam (Board member).

  • Prof. Hazim M. M. Ra’fat (Board member).

Other main share holders

  • Egyptian Technologies Development Fund (TDF).

  • Investors from the Gulf countries.

  • Some current and ex-employees of RDI.


  • Dokki, Giza, Egypt

Spectrum of products and activities

  • Written Human Language Technologies (HLT) esp. written Arabic HLT; namely lexical analyzer, PoS tagger, automatic diacritizer (vowelizer), semantic analyzer, search engine, and written Language Resources (LR ’s). More

  • Spoken HLT esp. spoken Arabic HLT; namely speech verification (for the interactive self learning of spoken language) esp. the recitation of holy Qur’aan (Tajweed), Text-To-Speech (TTS),  Text-Concept-To-Speech (TCTS) (which is a novel tech. for Very Low Bit Rate speech compression), small vocabulary automatic speech recognition (for voice commanding), and speech LR ’s. More

  • Providing training and consultancy on HLT projects and R&D problems.

  • e-Learning tools and content enriched with animations and simulations for educational as well as vocational training projects. More

  • 3D cartoon animation. More

  • Multimedia edutainment via tens of rich audio/textual multimedia encyclopedia on Arabic history and cultural heritage for both adults and kids, many of which are available in English and other foreign languages. More

  • e-Malls; see Ali Baba mall; See RDI's e-Business profile.

RDI has acquired regional and international recognition due to both its successful participations over the years in national and multinational projects, as well as the prizes it has been awarded for its distinctive works.

Examples of mega projects that RDI participated in

  • MEDAR (MEDiterranean ARabic language and speech technology) Among a consortium of 15 academic and industrial partners from 12 European and Arabic countries, RDI launched in Feb. 2008 this 30-month project that took place under the seventh Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Commission's Community Research. Sharing in this project comes after the remarkably successful Euro-Mediterranean 30-month NEMLAR  project where RDI played a major role towards its achievement. More..

  • Virtual Tutor, which is selected from 45 submitted project proposals to the Information Technology Industry Development Agency ITIDA's Information Technology Academia Collaboration ITAC fund, has been granted the (Product Development Programme) PDP fund of 1 million EGP over 18 months starting from Apr. 2008 to Nov. 2009.

    The project aims to revolve the education via producing an advanced authoring and browsing kit that can be deployed by any entity interested in developing cultural and/or educational oriented content enriched by RDI’s speech recognition, text-to-speech, virtual talking face simulator, full text-search, online dictionaries, ..., and other RDI tools that together render e-learning into an exciting live interactive experience. More..

  • OrienTel; has been an important Euro-Mediterranean speech resources project conducted by giant companies like IBM, Lucent Technologies, Phillips, …, etc. It has been coordinated by the Evaluations and Language Distribution Agency (ELDA) to cover telephony speech over the whole middle east. RDI has finished the segment of Egypt as a subcontractor of IBM. More

  • Qur’an sciences portal of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowments & Religious Affairs which contracted with RDI to build its new comprehensive Qur'an Sciences Encyclopedia web portal where RDI is deploying its Qur'an tools as well as its novel technology for the interactive self-learning of Tajweed (Hafss).

  • e-Learning for Smart School in Kuwait where RDI has finalized a large e-Learning project where all the curricula of the Kuwaiti primary stage have been turned in an exciting software specially designed with high interactivity and rich Flash animation. RDI targets to make education a fun for kids at that early age. Smart school was the first – not the exclusive - client of these curricula. More on RDI ’s e-Learning works…

  • e-Learning projects in KSA RDI has realized a series of e-Learning success cases in KSA among which we mention; School City (KSA) with all the curricula of KSA ’s preparatory. & secondary stage – boys;, Al-Bayaan Schools with all the curricula of KSA ’s preparatory. stage – girls, then Microsoft® has bought the rights of RDI 's e-learning content of the curricula of KSA preparatory & secondary stages through its sister company MGD: for the schools belonging to the Saudi ministry of education.

Awarded prizes

  • First prize in the 2007 World Summit Award contest for best e-content/e-Learning track where about 850 other candidates from 160 countries had participated. This international prize is awarded for RDI's Hafss© technology for the interactive learning of spoken language applied on the Tajweed.

  • Best 3D Animation in the 8th Egyptian Festival of Radio & Television, 2002.

  • Best Multimedia Title on Jerusalem from PC-Magazine (Middle East); 2000.

  • Best of GITEX 1996; for the (by then) novel technology of Speech Compression.

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