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Among more than 16 European & Arabic partners; RDI was an active participant in this project...
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NEMLAR; An ambitious project to scan and boost Arabic HLT Industry.

NEMLAR stands for “Network for Euro-Mediterranean LAnguage Resources and human language technology development and support”. This identifies an ambitious 30-month project aiming to create a network of qualified Euro-Mediterranean partners, and to specify and support the development of high priority language resources for Arabic.

This project is supported by the INCO-MED programme under the European Commission. While the technical management of this project is conducted by ELDA “Evaluations and Language resources Distribution Agency” based in France, the project coordination is carried out by CST “Center for Sprogteknologi” based in Denmark

NEMLAR is shared by 16 academic and industrial institutions who are specialized in Arabic HLT R&D based in 12 different countries in the Arab region and Europe; see

Having been launched officially in Feb. 2003, NEMLAR partners have completed one of its major Work Packages; namely WP3 where as much industrial and academic Arabic HLT players as possible inside and outside the Arab region are surveyed in detail. Moreover, their Arabic HLT needs of standards, tools, and resources are specified. The essential conclusions of NEMLAR’s WP3 draw an integral picture of the Arabic HLT field today.

The consortium then realized WP4 that defines a Basic LAnguage Resources Kit (BLARK) for the Arabic language. The detailed formal definition of this BLARK had been completed during a 3-day work shop in Morocco from Mar. 15th to 17th 2004.

As one of NEMLAR’s work packages; an international conference on Arabic HLT has been held in Cairo-Egypt on Sept. 22nd and 23rd 2004 where the findings, achievements, conclusions, and recommendations of the project were disseminated and discussed. This international conference was the biggest event devoted to Arabic HLT in the year 2004.

Besides being a rich web site, where one can find links to valuable Arabic HLT publications, new software, institutions, and events, the consortium members aim to make the NEMLAR site grow into a permanent item in the list of favorites of Arabic HLT researchers and developers all over the world.

By emailing to; you can get more info, exchange comments and suggestions on the project, and moreover one can subscribe to an informative quarterly news letter on Arabic HLT.

The NEMLAR project is being followed up by the MEDAR project.   To join NEMLAR netwrok; kindly fill the online survey.

For conclusions of the NEMLAR project, click here.  

For more info on this project, download...  

Building Annotated Written and Spoken Arabic LR ’s in NEMLAR Project, LREC06 Conference
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NEMLAR brochure
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