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Recent RDI research works
Download the most recent RDI’s scientific works.

Hafss© RDI, 2007.
(Arabic PDF, 156 KB).

Arabic Language Technologies RDI, 2007.
(PDF, 165 KB).

e-Learning RDI, 2010.
(PDF, 988 KB).

e-Learning RDI, 2007.
(PDF, 233 KB).

e-Business RDI, 2007.
(PDF, 105 KB).

3D RDI, 2007.
(PDF, 223 KB).

RDI fact book, 2005.
(Arabic PDF, 5.527 KB).

RDI's e-Learning brochure (English), 2005.
(PDF, 871KB)

RDI's e-Learning brochure (Arabic), 2005.
(Arabic PDF, 1,02KB)

Multimedia catalogue (English version).
(PDF, 863KB)

Multimedia catalogue (Arabic version).
(Arabic PDF, 1,053KB)

RDI's 2004 presentation.
(PPS, 961KB)

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