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The advance of technology and extensive use of the web has prompt the ‎need to summarization of text documents. Users tend to extract the most ‎informative and/or indicative information instead of reading the whole ‎original document. ‎ Naturally, automatic text summarization will save time and effort for the ‎users, and will enable them to make decisions in less time.‎

To achieve this goal, we have designed and implemented the Summarization ‎of Arabic (SARA©) which extract the salient sentences from a given ‎document. SARA© depends on technologies such as morphological analysis ‎for words and mathematical analysis for sentences.‎


  • Easy summary size control (20%, 50%, …)‎

  • Domain Independent (science, news, arts, politics, sports,…)‎

  • Easy to use:‎
    • PC standalone application

    • Web Page

    • PDAs and smart phones

  • For developers: SDK-DLL

  • Windows environment and can be adapted to other environments

  • Suitable for a wide range of applications.‎

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