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The glorious Qur'an is written in a much more involved variant of Arabic orthography than normal Arabic text. This sophisticated variant which is called Ottoman orthography is hard to implement digitally as full-fledged textual medium. Consequently, except for very few parties, pages of Ottoman orthography are handled statically as rigid bitmaps resulting in very limited functionality of the hosting software.

RDI is one of those few parties who provide a wide arsenal of tools that enable handling Ottoman orthogrphy with the same flexibility of other Arabic fonts on the various computing platforms.   Handheld Qur'an devices like Misk from Atlas and iMuslim Generation1 from Playnetics, web Qur'an portals like that of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowments & Islamic Affairs, and many other products all use RDI's Ottoman solutions in this regard.

The following Flash movies give an idea about the features and capabilities of some of our Ottoman orthography tools:

Download Demo...

(Arabic flash, 2,627KB)

Binding Qur’aan text in Ottoman font with speech material; e.g. Qur’aan Recitation, Spoken Tafseer, …, etc.

Binding Qur’aan text in Ottoman font with other relevant text in Arabic or in Latin; e.g. Translations, written Tafseer, Asbab Annuzoul, syntax analysis. Download Demo...

(Arabic flash, 2,395KB)

Multi modal search features in the text of Qur’aan; Semantic, Syntactic, and Derivative.

Download Demo...

(Arabic flash, 5,262KB)

Dynamic coloring of Qur’aan characters according to their Ahkaam of Tajweed for any combination of these Ahkaam.

Download Demo...

(Arabic flash, 2,066KB)

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