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e-Learning Solutions
Our e-learning solutions business line has been carefully set-up to provide you with turn-key solutions that can guarantee better education quality to your institution. RDI has a wide spectrum of products that perfectly serve the e-learning objectives supported by a large and integrated tool box of advanced text and speech technologies high quality 2D/3D animation seeking to optimally match both our

client’s requirements and budget. RDI solutions are deployed by major corporations, governments, and educational sectors around the world, and have proven records of helping students to focus, to improve their performance, and to accelerate their progress, as well as assisting teachers educating even larger numbers of students effectively.


 RDI’s Solution Components:  

e-Content: RDI helps students gain skills and knowledge by providing an integrated array of multimedia resources: Animations and Videos, Simulated Virtual Labs, Exams & Evaluation, Educational Games … etc. All these resources are concerted together for the training, education and student e-evaluation. This e-content can be delivered in SCORM complaint format, and can also be integrated in any of the major LMS's.  

 e-Book: Based on RDI’s human spoken and written language technologies,  RDI has developed an innovative an inclusive solution where the book is introduced in a different style that matches the pace of the era. RDI’s e-Book compromises the following features: User-friendly browsing and navigation through the book content. Advanced Arabic text search engine. Arabic dictionaries that is dynamically bound to the text and the reader can know all the details related to the word meaning, root … by just a simple click. The ability to synthetically read any chosen part of the book. Dynamic adaptation of the appearance (font features, size, color…).  

RDI's e-book has made wide steps forward with the evolvement of RDI's Virtual Tutor with its interactive talking agents which adds more fun and excitement to the learning process especially for the junior students.

Features distinguishing RDI solutions from other solutions include

  • RDI delivers cost effective solutions on time and tailored to your standards.  

  • High quality design, that can be enriched with our 2D/3D Animations and simulations.

  • The capability of embedding RDI's text and speech technologies like search engine or text-to-speech to augment the solutions.

  • The production of RDI’s e-Learning solutions relies on a group of consultants in education, highly trained project managers, developers, and graphics designers, under the supervision of a group of university professors who promote scientific research.

Awards :

RDI's e-Learning solutions profile: 2010
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RDI's e-Learning solutions profile: 2007
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RDI's e-Learning (English).
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RDI's e-Learning (Arabic).
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