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e-Learning Projects
RDI distinctly and densely produce e-learning content that is enriched with animations and simulations for educational as well as vocational training projects for various levels and ages; from primary to secondary, and in various languages; from Arabic to English as well as other Latin based languages, and for different curricula; from History to Physics and from Religion to Mathematics.

     UAE minister of  education visiting the RDI 's booth at Abu Dhabi book fair 2005.

Examples of  e-learning contracts:
  • GNSE-RDI-Bayan consortium has won the 2009-tender of EELU The first E-Learning University in Egypt for developing 66 of its e-courses in the different disciplines of engineering, computer science, business, and humanitarians. The implementation of these e-courses is currently ongoing.

  • In cooperation with Intel-Egypt, RDI has delivered the project with the Libyan Ministry of Education to supply the new Classmate simplified computers from Intel along with the digital curricula of Arabic, history, geography, science and mathematics for the primary and preparatory stages from RDI to the students in Libya. The digital content provided by RDI is enriching the Classmate devices which inaugurates a new era in the world of digital computers for being cheap (below 230 USD) and meanwhile effective, portable, and withstanding to dust, water, and accidential collisions. This will bring the dream of bringing almost every body esp. students in the 3rd world to the contemporary digital age.

  • Qur’an sciences portal of the Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowments & Religious Affairs: The Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowments & Religious Affairs contracted with RDI to build its new comprehensive Qur'an Sciences Encyclopedia web portal where RDI is deploying its Qur'an tools as well as its novel technology for the interactive self-learning of Tajweed Hafss© .

  • Microsoft has bought the rights of RDI's e-learning content of the curricula of KSA (preparatory & secondary) stages for the schools belonging to the Saudi ministry of education. This deal has been completed through MGD who are our partner in KSA.

  • Smart Schools (Kuwait): According to this contract RDI has implemented all the Arabic, Math, and Science curricula in full Flash animation and high interactivity of primary stage.

  • School city (KSA): RDI has implemented all the curricula of KSA’s preparatory & secondary stage – boys;

  • Al-Rowwad (EGYPT): RDI implemented Arabic curriculum of primary stage on CD’s for Al-Rowwad company.

  • Al-Bayaan schools (KSA): RDI has implemented all the curricula of KSA’s preparatory stage – girls.

  • RDI has developed and delivered so far over 1,300 Secondary Science Learning Objects (LO) for major customers in the Gulf.
RDI's e-Learning solutions profile: 2010
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RDI's e-Learning solutions profile: 2007
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RDI's e-Learning (English).
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