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"(Realizing leadership and innovation in the CIT world through an economically successful corporation, that provides outstanding products & services seeking for the development of the society) may well express the mission that RDI carries from its birth up till now” Said Prof. Mohsen Rashwan; Chairman of the Board & Managing Director of the company.

Over 17 years of serious work has brought this mission to reality via continuous research and development in the field of spoken & written Human Languages Engineering in close ties with the Egyptian academia, which resulted in building an integrated arsenal of large-scale Arabic language processing tools and resources. Lexical analyzer, semantic analyzer, automatic phonetic transcriptor, text-to-speech synthesizer, speech verification verification are just a few items to name from those technologies provided today from RDI.” Continued Prof. Rashwan.

Prof. Rashwan added “From the 1st day to date, we’ve also realized the supreme importance of deploying these technologies in mass applications vital to the public esp. e-Learning, edutainment, and cultural multimedia of which RDI has not only become a pioneer but also a market leader in Egypt and the Arab region."

"RDI has acquired international recognition for both its successful participations over the years in multinational language technology projects like Orientel, NEMLAR and MEDAR, as well as the prizes it has been awarded for its distinctive works like; Best of GITEX 1996; for the (by then) novel technology of Speech Compression, Best Multimedia Title on Jerusalem from PC-Magazine (Middle East); 2000, Best 3D Animation in the 8th Egyptian Festival of Radio & Television, 2002, e-Content Award-second prize in the e-Science track from the Egyptian IT Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) for RDI ’s Virtual Labs application; 2005,  first prize in the 2007 World Summit Award contest for best e-content/e-Learning track, ... etc.” , Detailed RDI’s business development department.

RDI's business development people continued “Today, backed with that history, technical assets, and a powerful clients list comprising IBM, Microsoft, Intel, KACST, BBN, Babel Tech., Acapela group, Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowments and Religious affairs, Egyptian MCIT, .., and many others, RDI is really in a good position to participate in elevating the actual CIT impact on the everyday life of the people in this area of the world.”

"These views have been continuing to acquire credibility via the recent distinct technologies, products and projects that RDI is offering and conducting. On the side of products; Hafss®, that has been proudly presented for the first time in GITEX 2004, is majorly aiming to be an effective assistant in the self learning of spoken language and it has indeed proved effective in helping people learn Tajweed of the glorious Qur’an. Hafss® has been deployed as a basic component of the successful project of Qur’an web encyclopedia for the Kuwaiti ministry of endowments and religious affairs, another big project for learning Qur'an on a wide-scale unde the World Islamic Call Society in Libya, and a third scientific project with Sweden academia to help in learning spoken Swedish.", Declared Eng. Ibrahim Sobh; Vice Managing Director.

Sobh added "Our recent pioneering work on Arabic Lexical Semantics, Virtual Tutoring, and Arabic type-written OCR have all been regarded by the Egyptian authorities incubating advanced R&D, like MCIT and ITIDA, in Egypt as promising edges with a considerable competence on the national international level, hence they have granted these works support and fund. This support in-turn has been paid-off by both the selection of RDI among a consortium to develop the e-Learning content for the Egyptian e-Learning University (EELU), and by the joint project with King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technologies in KSA (KACST) for developing a large-scale Arabic enabled IVR system.

"We all hope to put both legs of RDI in the newly forming world of CIT where success is determined by how natural can our software interact with its users. Nothing is more natural to humans than language which is our specialty as well as our passion.” RDI senior staff concluded.

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