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  • King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in KSA has contracted with RDI in the first quarter of 2010 for the latter to be its digital speech processing (DSP) technical partner in the project of KACST to build its Interactive Voice Retrieval (IVR) telecom. platform. RDI is deploying its Arabic ASR Labeeb© and Arabic TTS ArabTalk© technologies in this project whose implementation has started in the second quarter of 2010 and is expected to be launched during 2011.

  • RDI and the World Islamic Call Society  in coordination with the College of Islamic Call in Libya have made an agreement for accrediting RDI's technology for the interactive self learning of Tajweed; Hafss© (lab. version) as a basic means of teaching the curriculum of Interactive Tajweed of Holy Qur'an starting from the next academic year 2008/2009.

    Annual courses using Hafss© in this regard will be held by the society inside Libya and all over Africa to train students and teachers of Tajweed on this technology.

    Moreover, both sides are negotiating the enabling of the e-publishing of the College's magazine via RDI technology of Arabic e-book.

  • In cooperation with Intel-Egypt, RDI has delivered the project with the Libyan Ministry of Education to supply the new Classmate simplified computers from Intel along with the digital curricula for the primary and preparatory stages from RDI to the students in Libya. The digital content provided by RDI is enriching the Classmate devices which inaugurates a new era in the world of digital computers for being cheap (below 200 USD) and meanwhile effective, portable, and withstanding to dust, water, and accidential collisions. This will realize the dream of bringing almost every body esp. students in the developing world to the contemporary digital age.

  • The Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs, has contracted with RDI to build its new comprehensive Qur'an Sciences Encyclopedia web portal where RDI is deploying all of its Qur'an tools as well as its novel technology for the self-learning of Tajweed (Hafss©).

  • Microsoft has bought the rights of RDI's e-learning content of the curricula of KSA (preparatory & secondary) stages for the schools belonging to the Saudi ministry of education. This deal has been completed through MGD who are our partner in KSA.

  • RDI has realized the contract signed with Smart Schools (Kuwait)  that permits the second side to utilize all the electronic curricula of the Kuwaiti primary stage produced by the first side in the format of an exciting software specially designed with high interactivity and rich Flash animation. These e-learning materials have been deployed by Smart Schools by the start of the first term of the academic year 2004/2005 and has participated in making study a kind of fun for kids in this early age at Smart Schools. More on RDI 's e-Learning

  • Babel Technologies who is the largest provider of multilingual Text-To-speech systems and solutions have signed a long-term contract with RDI so that the latter supplies Automatic Arabic Diacritization ArabDiac© technology to the former.

  • In cooperation with RDI who provides the Ottoman orthography and full recitations of the holy Qur’aan, Misk from the Atlas group for handheld devices has launched its new well featured handheld Qur’aan device.
  • RDI and ASMA Egypt have made an agreement to bundle the Tafseer of Sheikh Al-Sha’raawy with each handheld device of the holy Qur’aan sold by ASMA in Egypt.
  •  For a full customer list of RDI, press here.
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