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  • The paper by RDI's research team led by Prof. Mohsen Rashwan on ver. 5 of RDI's Arabic text diacritization technology ArabDiac© is published in Jan. 2011 issue of the IEEE's Transactions on Audio and Language Processing (TASLP). The rigorous academic comparisons prove the superior performance of ArabDiac© over the corresponding systems developed by other research teams around the world; e.g. IBM's team and Columbia University team both in USA.

    RDI's highly-performing Arabic omni font-written OCR software technology "Clever Page"© has been selected, among other tens of submitted proposals, for a fund 1 million EGP 1 million EGP over 18 months starting from Apr. 2010 to Nov. 2011. The fund is provided by the Egyptian Information Technology Industry Development Agency ITIDA's Information Technology Academia Collaboration (ITAC) fund within its Product Development Programme (PDP).

  • On Sept. 15th, 2007, RDI's Hafss© technology for the interactive learning of spoken language applied on the Tajweed of the hloy Qur'an has been declared first in the 2007 World Summit Award contest for best e-content/e-Learning track where about 850 other candidates from 160 countries had participated. Press for news of Hafss© winning the World Summit Award.

  • In a splendid celebration in the fabulous Nile sighted Grand Hyatt hotel; RDI has officially launched its cutting edge technology for the self-learning of the spoken Arabic language and Tajweed of the holy Qur'an; Hafss©. Attended by a host of prominent figures in the fields of computer sciences, and Arabic & Islamic studies, the celebration introduced the technology and a series of hence based products in this regard not only to the Arab region but also the English speaking users. Interfaces in other languages are to follow soon. Photo..

  • The web version of RDI 's arsenal of Qur'an tools has been realized and has readily been deployed in the new comprehensive Qur'an Sciences Encyclopedia funded by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs.

  • The novel RDI 's technology for the self learning of the holy Qur’aan Tajweed Hafss© has already become in use with the first hundreds of licenses ordered by the Kuwaiti Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs.

  • RDI has been selected by the Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) as a member of its Data Mining (DM) Center-of-Excellence (CoE) launched in late 2005 to boost high quality R&D in the field. The Arabic Text-Mining project is the biggest one within this CoE. In this project, RDI is developing an Arabic Lexical Semantic Analyzer ehich is the core of the novel Arabic Text Mining tools being developed within this CoE. More on RDI's Arabic NLP technologies..

  • RDI has just launched its new version of Arabic NLP infra structure tools Morpho4 which renews RDI’s Automatic Arabic Morphological Analyser ArabMorpho©, Arabic Diacritizer ArabDiac©, Arabic POS Tagger ArabTagger© with much more powerful features than the previous versions.

  • New version of RDI’s Arabic Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology ArabTalk© has been released based on RDI’s new Arabic diacritizer ArabDiac, with a new speech synthesizer that can go as compact as just 15 M.Bytes.This version may serve with handheld mobile devices; e.g. 3G phones.

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