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  • King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in KSA has contracted with RDI in the first quarter of 2010 for the latter to be its digital speech processing (DSP) technical partner in the project of KACST to build its Interactive Voice Retrieval (IVR) telecom. platform. RDI is deploying its Arabic ASR Labeeb© and Arabic TTS ArabTalk© technologies in this project whose implementation has started in the second quarter of 2010 and is expected to be launched during 2011.

  • GNSE-RDI-Bayan consortium has won the 2009-tender of EELU The first E-Learning University in Egypt for developing 66 of its e-courses in the different disciplines of engineering, computer science, business, and humanitarians. RDI is implementing its part of the e-curricula as an accredited supplier of the exclusive contractor with EELU in this regard; GNSE group.

  • Led by Mohamed Attia, RDI team has successfully undertaken in full the local organization role of the 2nd International Conference on Arabic Language Resources & Tools held in Grand Hyatt hotel in Cairo from Apr. 21st to Apr. 23rd as the biggest 2009 event devoted to Arabic Human Language Technologies. With the help of the other 14 partners in the Euro-Mediterranean consortium conducting the MEDAR project, this international conference and its pre- conference tutorials made a great success for this active field of R&D.

    The most important players, the most prominent figures, as well as researchers and students from all over the world have attended and participated with their state-of-the-art works. Here you may read both the Arabic press coverage as well as the English press coverage of the event.

  • RDI and the World Islamic Call Society in coordination with the College of Islamic Call in Libya have made an agreement for accrediting RDI's technology for the interactive self learning of Tajweed; Hafss© (lab. version) as a basic means of teaching the curriculum of Interactive Tajweed of glorious Qur'an starting from the next academic year 2008/2009.

    Annual courses using Hafss© in this regard will be held by the society inside Libya and all over Africa to train students and teachers of Tajweed on this technology.

    Moreover, both sides are negotiating the enabling of the e-publishing of the College's magazine via RDI technology of Arabic e-book.

  • Moving to a new location: In Aug. 2008, RDI had moved into its new head quarters in the 6th floor of 12A Haroun st., Al-Mesaha Square, Dokki, 12613 Giza, Egypt. Contact us

  • Selected among 45 submitted project proposals to the Information Technology Industry Development Agency ITIDA's Information Technology Academia Collaboration ITAC fund, RDI's Virtual Tutor project has been granted the (Product Development Programmer) PDP fund of 1 million EGP over 18 months.

    The project aims to revolve the education via producing an advanced authoring and browsing kit that can be deployed by any entity interested in developing cultural and/or educational oriented content enriched by RDI’s speech recognition, text-to-speech, virtual talking face simulator, full text-search, online dictionaries, ..., and other RDI tools that together render e-learning into an exciting live interactive experience.

  • During the interval from mid. Dec. 2007 to mid. Feb. 2008, RDI's bright phonologist "Ahmed Ragheb" is presenting 3 weekly episodes about the formal rules of glorious Qur'an reading (Ahkam Al-Tajweed) assisted with RDI's software speech technology Hafss© in Al-Hekma satellite TV broadcasting on Nile Sat. at a frequency of 10853 MHz with horizontal polarization and symbol rate 27500 at a FEC of 3/4 .

    The 3 weekly episodes are broadcast from 8:30 pm to 9:15 pm GMT on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday. They can be directly watched via TV and via the web page as well.

  • RDI's R&D manager; Ibrahim Sobh , and Hafss©'s product manager; Yasir Fayez have officially represented the company at officially receiving the World Summit Award contest (WSA)-2007 1st prize of e-Content/e-Learning track for RDI's interactive Tajweed learning product; Hafss©. The official public announcement and celebration of the winners have taken place at the WSA 2007 Gala on November 5, 2007 at Fondazione-Giorgio-Cini in Venice-Italy. Photo

  • On Sept. 15th, 2007, RDI's Hafss© technology for the interactive learning of spoken language applied on the Tajweed of the glorious Qur'an has been declared first in the 2007 World Summit Award contest for the best e-content/e-Learning track where about 850 other candidates from 160 countries had participated. See news of Hafss© winning the World Summit Award in paper press & electronic press.

  • Presenting a new paper on one of RDI's innovations in Arabic OCR, RDI's Consultant of Human Language Technologies "Mohamed Attia" has given an oral session on Aug. 28th, 2007 in the Vienna University of Technology-Austria that hosted The 12th Int'l Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns (CAIP07)

  • RDI has been awarded the first 2006 prize of Suzan Mubarak's Children Arts contest in the professional enterprizes track of Programming & Internet for its Flash®-based software tutorial on Arabic Syntax.

  • In cooperation with RDI, the Riyadh Schools in KSA is running an empirical study to sense the impact of applying RDI's technology Hafss© on the learners of Tajweed.

    Due to the sincere efforts expended by RDI in this field research, as well as the attested positive impact of this technology on learning the Tajweed of Qur'an; Riyadh Schools has awarded RDI its e-Learning certificate of honors.

    Moreover, both sides are negotiating on accrediting Hafss© within Riyadh Schools' standard curricula starting from the next semester.

  • Awards: RDI has been awarded the 2006 e-Content first prize in the e-Learning track from the Egyptian IT Industry Development Agency ITIDA, for RDI's new technology for the self learning of Tajweed; Hafss©.

    Moreover, RDI has been awarded an e-Content certificate of honors in the e-Learning track from ITIDA for RDI's educational e-Learning library.

    Click for more on prizes awarded to RDI.

  • RDI's Arabic language technologies specialists; Mohamed Attia and Ahmad Ragheb are invited as guest speakers in the Symposium on Information Technology and Arabic & Jurisprudent Sciences held in the College of Computer and Information Sciences of the University of Al-Imam Muhammad Ibn Sa’ud-Riyadh-KSA on Mar. 6th and 7th, 2007. Photo1,  Photo2.

    While Dr. Attia is going to lecture on RDI's automatic Arabic phonetic transcription ArabDiac(R) , Dr. Ragheb will lecture on RDI's novel technology for Tajweed self learning; Hafss(R).

  • Represented by its CEO; Prof. Mohsen A. A. Rashwan, RDI has participated in the 2006 version of Information Society Technologies (IST 2006) conference;

    This mega event is held in Helsinki-Finland during the period 21-23 November 2006, under the auspices of the European Commission.

    The participation of RDI comes through the business delegation selected by the MCIT to represent Egypt in this event. This delegation aims primarily to build firm Research & Technological Development networks with European partners, that enables capable Egyptian CIT companies to be involved in EU R&D programs in the year 2007 and beyond. Click for Invitation.

  • Exhibitions: Visit us at GITEX 2006 in Dubai for our Language Technologies, Tajweed Self-Learning: Hafss, Arabic TTS: Arab Talk, e-Learning, Multimedia, 3D animation, ..., and more of our products. Click for Invitation.

  • Exhibitions: RDI has demonstrated its technologies and products in the conference & exhibition of Outsource-World 2006 that took place in NewYork-USA during 17-18 October. Click for Photo and Invitation.

  • Investment: After a first round of investment with Saudi investors in 2002/2003, RDI has successfully completed in 2005/2006 a second round of investment with the Technologies Development Fund (TDF) of the Egyptian MCIT who invested about 1 million USD buying RDI corporate stocks. Currently, RDI is preparing for a third round offering shares of its stocks to serious investors. More..

  • New Offices: After launching its new office in Abu Dhabi-UAE during last Feb. 2004, RDI has launched its office in Reyadh-KSA in mid. 2006.

  • RDI has been selected in early 2006 to be an Alcatel partner for developing mobile applications and services in Egypt through the newly inaugurated Alcatel Cairo Content Development Centre (ACCDC). Read more on this in our page of New Press.

  • Awards: On Aug. 2005, RDI has been awarded the e-Content Award second prize in the e-Science track from the Egyptian IT Industry Development Agency ITIDA, for its "Virtual Labs" application that encloses about 110 simulations and animations, with a pleasant introduction simulating the class environment.

  • Projects: RDI in cooperation with ELDA;, CST, and other academic and industrial partners from 10 middle astern and EU countries have successfully finalized the 30-month EU-funded NEMLAR project on Arabic Human Language Engineering and Technologies. An international NEMLAR conference on Arabic Human Language Engineering and Technologies had also successfully taken place on Sept. 22nd & 23rd, 2004 in Egypt-Cairo where RDI was the local organizer.

    For more info on the NEMLAR project and conference, visit our web page on NEMLAR.

  • RDI has launched Ali Baba Mall which has been built to be an inclusive user friendly e-mall where it is intended to serve authentic Islamic call, education, culture, and IT on the Internet by making resources available and reachable. It will hopefully be serving as a catalyst in deepening the practice of enlightening worldwide.

    Ali Baba e-mall

    Contains hundreds of products...

    Product categories:

    • MM CDs, DVDs… (Islamic, Cultural, IT, Children...)
    • Cassette
    • Books (Islamic, Cultural, IT, Children...)
    • Children Toys
    • Misc. (Life Makers, Resala…)
    • Prospected (Magazine, Computer accessories, Handheld Devices, Mobiles, Mobiles Charging Cards, Souvenirs…)


    • Online, or
    • On phone : +202-383 52 85

    Bilingual System (English/Arabic)

    Payment Methods:

    • Cash on Delivery
    • Credit Cards
    • Bank Transfers

  • Moving to a new location: In Sept. 2003, RDI had moved into its new head quarters in the 6th floor of Bank Missr bldg. at the intersection of Al-Haram (The Pyramdis) main st. with Ezz-Eddeen Omar/Al-Areesh st.
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