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Arabic Text Mining
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Arabic Text Mining

The Egyptian Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (EMCIT) has sought to launch the Centers-of-Excellence initiative in a try to establish slim, focused, responsive, and effective bodies of R&D in vital areas of advanced CIT topics, beyond any bureaucracy of the bulkier conventional institutions.

Under the supervision of its Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), EMCIT has started with the Data Mining & Computer Modeling CoE in Sept. 2005, and other centers of Mobile Computing, Micro-Electronics, …, are following.

The Data Mining CoE has been conduting 5 major projects serving; Arabic Text Mining, Basic DM Research, Tourism, e-Health, and Oil & Gas.

The staff of the Data Mining CoE has been a carefully selected group of over 50 brightest professors, graduate researchers, and engineers specialized in Computer Science, Computational Linguistics, and Classic Linguistics. They come from both the academia and the private IT sector.

The strategic move towards CIT as a firm basis of a modernized economy infrastructure for Egypt makes it clear why Data Mining in general and Text Mining in specific emerge as an R&D priority in Egypt.

As mountains of Arabic text documents have been accumulating over years, the knowledge contained in these treasures are badly sought as the basis of sound decision making regarding virtually all kinds of vital activities. Considering this fact, the Data Mining consortium was the first CoE launched by this initiative, where Arabic Text Mining is one of its major projects. 

RDI has been selected by EMCIT as a member of this Data Mining consortium to exert high quality R&D tackling the Arabic NLP issues necessary for producing sound Arabic Text Mining. In this project, RDI is developing an Arabic Lexical Semantic Analyzer which is the core of the novel Arabic Text Mining tools developed within this project. More on RDI's Arabic NLP technologies..

For more info on this project, download...  

LREC2008_RDI's Arabic Lexical Semantics Language Resource Paper
(PDF, 602 KB)

Architecture of the Arabic lexical semantic analyzer
(PDF, 665 KB)  

(PDF, Arabic Content, 255 KB)

Arabic Text Mining Presentation in Helsinki_Nov.2006
(PPS, 1,308 KB)

RDI Thesaurus Features (PDF, 321 KB)

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