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Papers on Digital Speech Processing.

Papers on Natural Language Processing.

Papers on Patterns Recognition and OCR.

Papers on Digital Speech Processing...

Enhancing Usability of CAPL System for Qur'an Recitation Learning, INTERSPEECH-2007, Antwerp-Belgium.
(PDF, 310 KB)

Qur'anic Speech Recognition System; Hafss_Evaluation Study
(Arabic PDF, 423 KB)

Phonological Accompaniment and its Semantic Effects in Holy Qur'an, Mar. 2007
(Arabic PDF, 349 KB)

Computer Aided Pronunciation Learning System Using Speech Recognition Techniques, INTERSPEECH-2006, Pittsburgh-Pennsylvania-USA. 
(PDF, 159 KB)

Quran Phonology; Quran reciting rules based on modern acoustics, M.Sc. thesis By Ahmad Raghib Oct. 2004.
(PDF, 5,319 KB)

Automatic Generation Of Hypotheses For Automatic Diagnosis Of Pronunciation Errors, NEMLAR Int'l Conference Paper 9-2004
(PDF, 132 KB)

Performance Tuning and System Evaluation For Computer Aided Pronunciation Learning, NEMLAR Int'l conference Paper_9-2004
(PDF, 104 KB)

ARABTALK; An Implementation for Arabic Text To Speech System
(PDF, 316 KB)

Enhanced discriminant analysis for confusable sounds via speaker adaptation techniques
(PDF, 270 KB)

Using Noise Robust Features For Speech Enhancement
(PDF, 140 KB)

Papers on Natural Language Processing...

A Stochastic Arabic Diacritizer Based on a Hybrid of Factorized and Un-factorized Textual Features, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing (TASLP): Special Issue on Processing Morphologically Rich Languages, Jan 2011; Vol. 19 - Issue 1; pp. 166 - 175.

Automatic Full Phonetic Transcription of Arabic Script; with and without Language Factorization , Invited Talk before the group of Computational Linguistics – Department of Computer Science – University of Toronto: ,, Toronto-Canada, Oct. 2009.
(PPS, 1,150 KB)

Fassieh; a Semi-Automatic Visual Interactive Tool for the Morphological, PoS-Tags, Phonetic, and Semantic Annotation of the Arabic Text, IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing: Special Issue on Processing Morphologically Rich Languages, July 2009; Vol. 17 - Issue 5
(Transactions covers; PDF, 105KB) For full paper, press here

Semantic Deviation in the Arabic MT'ed English Text; Symptoms & Effects, Paper Arabic book by Ahmed Ragheb Ahmed - RDI.
Book covers; GIF, 110 KB)

Arabic Diacritization via a Hybrid of Factorizing and Un-factorizing Statisitical Disambiguators , M.Sc. thesis by Mohamed A. A. S. A. Al-Badrashiny, June 2009.
(English PDF, 1421 KB)

Evaluation Approaches for an Arabic Extractive Generic Text Summarization System" 2nd International Conference on Arabic Language Resources and Tools April 2009.
(PDF, 510 KB)

An Optimized Dual Classification System for Arabic Extractive Generic Text Summarization, M.Sc. thesis by Ibrahim M.A. Sobh, Jan. 2009.
(PDF, 2,227 KB)

LREC2008_RDI's Arabic Lexical Semantics Language Resource Paper.
(PDF, 602 KB)

LREC2008-MEDAR Project.
(PDF, 66 KB)

An Optimized Dual Classification System for Arabic Extractive Generic Text Summarization (PDF, 121 KB)

Anatomy of a Large-Scale Arabic Phonetic Transcriptor, and Application on Arabic Text-To-Speech , Mar. 2007
(Arabic PDF, 457 KB)

A Trainable Arabic Bayesian Extractive Generic Text Summarizer, Sept. 2006
(PDF, 224 KB)

Building Annotated Written and Spoken Arabic LR ’s in NEMLAR Project, LREC06, Genoa-Italy, 2006
(PDF, 81 KB)

Theory and Implementation Of A Large-Scale Arabic Phonetic Transcriptor, and Applications, Mohamed Attia, PhD thesis,8-2005
(WinZIPPed DOC, 750 KB) Contains Arabic text.

A Formalism of Arabic Phonetic Grammar, And Application On The Automatic Arabic Phonetic Transcription Of Transliterated Words, NEMLAR Int'l Conference Paper_9-2004
(PDF, 378 KB)

Arabic PoS Tagging And Applications, NEMLAR Int'l conference Paper 9-2004
(PDF, 356 KB)

(PDF, 1,619 KB)

On Stochastic Models, Statistical Disambiguation, and Application on Arabic NLP Problems
(PDF, 503 KB)

On Arabic HLT Industry Status and Needs as Perceived through NEMLAR
(PDF, 166 KB)

Papers on Patterns Recognition and OCR...

Autonomously Normalized Horizontal Differentials as Features for HMM-Based Omni Font-Written OCR Systems for Cursively Scripted Languages, ICSIPA2009, Kuala_Lumpur-Malaysia, Nov.2009.
(PDF, 377 KB)

A Large Scale HMM-Based Omni Front-Written OCR System for Cursive Scripts: PhD thesis by Mohamed S. M. El-Mahallaway, April 2008.
(PDF, 2,652 KB)

Arabic OCR System Analogous to HMM-Based ASR Systems_Dec.2007
(PDF, 429 KB)

Histogram Based Lines&Words Decomposition for Arabic Omni Font-Written OCR Systems Enhancements and Evaluation, CAIP07, Vienna-Aug.2007
(PPS, 1,888 KB)

Essay On Challenges Of Arabic OCR - Multilingual Magazine Nov-2004
(PDF, 264 KB)

A New OCR System Similar to ASR System
(PDF, 350 KB)

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