Natiq is the professional state-of-the-art text-to-speech software provided by RDI that enables users to convert the Arabic row text into spoken words with different natural voices. This technology is built on Tashkeel (RDI Diacretizer) that converts the row text into diacretized text so that it can be converted into speech easily. This easy-to-use robust software, admitting different users’ preferences, enables seamless audio-powered applications to enrich user experiences and engage audiences.


Full automatic text-to-speech conversion supported by abbreviation expansion and number-to-text conversion modules.

Ability to enforce/ignore input diacritics.

Provide built-in user-preferences custom dictionary.

Support major text file formats (TXT, DOC, DOCX, HTML, and PDF).

Natiq facilitates the process of following the text through highlighting the text currently being read.

High-quality natural-sounding male & female voices.

Support exporting outputs to audio files.


  • Natiq contains a set of models that specially designed to serve Arabic language, making the TTS model outperforms its general-model counterparts.
  • Natiq respects customer privacy and does not share his own input/output files with third parties. We can setup the solution environment at your side, train your employees and provide a full customer support service.
  • Natiq – which does not need retraining – is ready to start generating voice at the click of a button. It also provides customers with a range of options that allow them to control the system seamlessly, saving time and effort that other products may require.


Is it possible to install Natiq on mobile phones and tablets?
The program can be used on mobile phones and tablets through the web service (cloud version). We are working to provide a light-weight version to be installed on mobile phones and tablets in the near future.
Does Natiq provide a web reader?
Natiq is a standalone service and software, but it can be customized to be integrated with third parties.
Can Natiq deal with abbreviations and numbers?
Yes, Natiq preprocessor has two powerful modules for abbreviation expansion as well as number-to-text conversion.
Does Natiq support real time performance?
It depends on the generated audio file length. Natiq has 0.9X real time generation for an X-second length audio file.
How Natiq deals with dialects?
Natiq can neglect them at the preprocessing stage. Also it can force the generation module to use them as is. It depends on user preferences.